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Hello everyone and welcome, my name is Toni Goanin, I am a massage specialist and I have been in the field for 17 years.  When I give care to a person, I put my all, my soul and give the most professional care possible.  My spa is a place where when you enter you leave satisfied with a smile on your face.  Entering this place is an unforgettable experience worth every minute.  I know that when you come you will tell all your family and friends.  So don't forget that this is an unforgettable professional touch.  Keep browsing the site for more interesting information!

Massage for pregnant woman

is used reduce stress ,swelling in the arms and legs and relieve muscle and the joint pain in pregnant woman .

Swedish holistic massage

It involves working the soft tissues of the body to each day to day stresses and muscular tension and promote relaxation.circulation of blood, to relax the muscle and joints.

Ear candle wax massage

Ear candling will help to release compacted ear wax for the ear to expel naturally. The vapor from the candle will travel down the ear canal and massages the ear drum while decongesting the upper respiratory system.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage are used to break up scar tissue and break down muscle adhesions ( the "knots" that we feel in our muscle adhesions, which are bands of rigid and painful muscle tissue).these knots can inhibit our circulation and cause pain and inflammation to release the body tension and stress.

Hot stone massage

The stone massage is a form of alternative medicine massage therapy and body work involving the placement of a number of either heated or cooled stones to the body for the purpose of pain relief, relaxation and therapy.

Reflexology massage

The flexology is a treatment based on the principle that there are areas and points on the feets, legs,hands, and ears that are connected through the nervous system to corresponding parts of the body. When applied pressure.

Massage with a machine

Massage in a machine improves blood circulation and simulates the lymphatic system, which is responsible for helping your body get rid of toxins.

Cellulite massage in

Cellulite massage this natural and soothing anticellulite treatment helps to break down fatty deposits improve blood flow and circulation reduce excess fluid remove toxins and increase metabolism in cellulite prone areas such as the thighs buttocks hips

Hot towel massage

The towels warmth offers an effective way to improve circulation reduce muscle soreness and release tension whenever we're injured we should focus on improving circulation to the area to promote faster healing a massage is the best way to unwind and recover and it can get even better.

Peeling massage

As a result of this procedure the top layer of dead cells is removed the skin is cleared of impurities it becomes smooth smooth and elastic.

Thailand massage

Is an ancient form of healing because it has been used in Thailand for centuries. Thai massage is still very popular today but it's not just the people of Thailand who enjoy this type of healing.

Pai tai massage

Massages can help alleviate pain and inflammation. say goodbye to sore muscles and knots with this incredibly relaxing and therapeutic massage other benefits of terrible ball massages. are improved circulation increased immune function, and stress reduction.

Bamboo massage

It is believed that bamboo massage has many healing properties which help to alleviate muscle tension pain and ache improve joint function increase circulation and helps to enhance quality of sleep it will also make you feel relaxed but energized at the same time.

Chocolate massage

Coco stimulates the production and secretion of endorphins in the brain and helps to combat anxiety and stress the feel of chocolate on the skin and the rich natural scent creates a relaxing and exhilarating atmosphere. It's a fantasy massage.

Honey massage

Honey massage considerably improves blood circulation in deeper layers of the skin and warms and tones it it also promoting improvements in nutrition and waste removal in the skin and in all of internal organs and help to eliminate the pain.

Pedicure for men

Dirty feet are a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria help releases stress removes foot odor prevents ingrown toenails makes you look good.


Membership card cost 1,000 shekel . BENEFITS : every massage that cost $260 shekel, AS A VIP MEMBER, YOU PAYS 195 SHEKELS FOR 1 HOUR MASSAGE FOR 1 YEARS (AS MANY MASSAGES YOU BOOK PER HOUR ) Call whatsapp for more information 0546905312

Aloe vera body scrub

Aloe vera body wash benefits of moisturizes the skin... It heals skin... It has anti-aging properties... It combats acne and blemishes it helps in getting rid of skin irritation it deeply cleanses the skin.

Coffee body scrub

Benefits of coffee scrubs it reduces inflammation it improves blood circulation... It removes dead skin cells it prevents premature aging it reduces the appearance of cellulite it depuffs swollen areas it helps reduce body acne.

Sugar body scrub

Sugar scrub benefits and why you'll love it sugar scrub exfoliates your skin... Helps to give you an even tan fake her real moisturizes your skin with kiwi oil helps to avoid or remove pesky ingrown hairs brightens and evens out your skin's texture helps to remove toxins sugar body scrub removes dry bits.

Salt body scrub

Salt has antibacterial qualities so it's helpful for maintaining bacteria free skin and preventing itchiness the same abrasive friction between the salt and skin which causes exfoliation also encourages the circulation of blood that's what gives the skin and attractive and Rosie post scrub glow.

Coconut body scrub

Coconut oil sugar scrub it keeps your skin hydrated coconut oil is a natural moisturizer... Coconut oil can kill harmful bacteria it is an effective exfoliant coconut oil has antioxidant properties.. sugar prevents ingrown hair.

Kinamom brown sugar body scrub

Rich and antioxidants and beneficial plant compounds cinnamon is growing in popularity as a skin care ingredient proponents claim it can help treat hyperpigmentation and acne lighten the skin and decrease signs of aging.

Wax for arms

... waxing is like exfoliation... Waxing banishes shaving rash... Fewer ingrown hairs... Waxing says goodbye to itching... Waxing means no more shaving cuts... It's an opportunity for pampering and you time.

Back wax

Less hair growth waxing means no more shaving cuts it's an opportunity for pumping yourself and looking very smooth.

Chest wax

Watson says goodbye to ancient it's an important way to pumping yourself making you smell good because your hairless during the hot summer

Leg wax

Leg waxing has a huge amount of benefits that make it stand out from other hair removal methods since waxing removes hair at the root hair takes longer to grow back however hair also thins out over time if waxing is practiced consistently using best practices.

Armpit wax

There are no health ramifications for removing armpit hair and waxing in particular is completely safe for use on delicate underarm skin.

Face wax

By removing thick stubborn growth and all the fine Bella's hairs it makes the perfect blank canvas for makeup waxing also removes all hairs from the root causing the hair follicles to weaken over time which eventually leads to less growth.

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Can I take a shower?

Come with your personal, big towel. (For hygiene sake)

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No stairs all  ground floor.

Do you do body massage?

Strictly professional
  • Hativat Etsyoni Street, Karmiel, Israel
  • חטיבת עציוני 52 כרמיאל רמת רבין,ישראל


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